During AMAZONLOG the companies will have the opportunity to present their products and solutions and interact with a select audience of Brazilian and foreign guests, including decision makers.

In order to take advantage of the opportunity of interaction with military forces and agencies, exhibiting companies may be present with their products and solutions during the Multinational Interagency Logistics Exercise that will be held from November 6 to 13, 2017 in the city of Tabatinga, to present their products in real employment situation, to gauge their capabilities and detect possible improvements to make user-company interaction more efficient.


AMAZONLOG EXPO offers business meetings between buyers and solution providers that will be scheduled prior to the show. This service allows you to detect potential buyers and develop new contacts for cooperation with Brazilian and foreign partners.

For all exhibiting companies that wish to take advantage of a tailor made business agenda and with professional visitors selected by the organizer.


Some solutions on display at AMAZONLOG EXPO, plus others:

  • Arms and Ammunition

  • Boats

  • Command and Control

  • Emergency Response

  • Fixed-Wing Aircraft and Helicopters

  • Foods

  • Health Products Area

  • Individual Equipment

  • Information Technology and Communications

  • Logistics Solutions

  • Nautical Equipment

  • Optronics

  • Radars

  • Sensors

  • Simulators

  • Smart Energy

  • UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • USV – Unmanned Surface Vehicle

  • Uniforms

  • Water Purification


  • Energy

The generation of electric power in remote areas of the Amazon is a permanent challenge due to the logistics required by the most commonly used equipment, such as fuel oil generators. This reality has an important impact on the lives of the communities, which suffer serious restrictions to their basic needs.

  • Transport

In such a vast region, with serious infrastructure problems, the theme "Transport" is of great importance.

  • Water Purification

Like the generation of electric energy, obtaining potable water, in the volumes and qualities required, is an extremely serious problem in some remote regions.

  • Infrastructure

The construction projects in the Amazon Region, in general, follow patterns very similar to the other areas of the country, although their geography and complexity are radically different in several aspects, which brings opportunities for innovative solutions.

  • Communications

Connections within the Amazon Area are recognized as precarious, making it difficult to meet local demands and, practically, preventing or severely hampering the implementation of remote technologies for health, education, security and many other needs of the most isolated populations that are deprived of the benefits achieved by other regions of the country.


Address: Avenida Constantino Nery, 5001 - Flores, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, 69.058-795


Sep 26 • 09:00h - 17:00h

Sep 27 • 09:00h - 17:00h

Sep 28 • 09:00h - 17:00h


Find out about exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at the event.


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